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Technical University of Munich

Chair of Architectural Design and Timber Construction

Guest Prof.: Helen & Hard Architects, Prof. H.Kaufmann

Individual Work

"A new hotel typology is examined, to provide guests with a strong and authentic experience of nature and offer an insight into the Norwegian lifestyle. The site is located in Lysefjord on the area of Songesand. The brief asks of ten (10) micro cabins and a community house to accommodate guests. The design idea is inspired by acts of "Weaving" and "Dancing". Observed while walking the land, the dynamic of the site is expressed through movement and fragility while trying to be weaved into its surroundings. The ground becomes a theatrical stage and the cabins become the dancers. The theme of the dance is "Weaving" which happens while each of the cabins reaches through its architecture to be attached into a specific observation point. The community house is the main act of the dance."

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