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Venetian Fields


University of Bath

RIBA Part I, Studio 3.1 (Erasmus+)

Teacher: D.Wong

Individual Work

"The brief requires a mixed-use building which belongs to the allocated Venetian Campo San Francessco. The purpose of the design is to preserve and enhance the vernacular use of the Venetian Campi by opening the ground floor to the public and Venice. Moreover, the building should be directly linked to the Biennale Architettura 2018 theme of FREESPACE."

"Freespace provides the opportunity to emphasise nature’s free gifts of light, sunlight and moonlight, water, air and gravity."

"It is seen in Venice through sheltered spaces where the air becomes heavier than the stone ceilings. Inspired by the Venetian tectonics and intricacy the program uses the maximum vertical spectrum of the building. It is designed based on complexity, overlapping and layering. Freespace is linked to each one of the functions to enhance the presence of every space in an overall synthesis. Depending on what their destination is, every visitor follows a path of different spatial dynamic and character."

// Oculus Prize
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