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Habitat Nord


Technical University of Munich

Chair of Sustainable Urbanism & Public Space

Prof.: M.Michaeli & R.Keller

Team: A.Azzabi, D.Filippa, L.Kuchenreuther

"Located in Munich, Germany the design prioritized the identification of worth-preserving structures on-site to explore how these could be expanded, converted or reused into a new urban quarter. The diverse charm of the central industrial Shed is particularly striking in the townscape. Through its honesty, form and character, it acts as a dynamic hub in the future use of the “Habitat Nord”. The act of removing partitions and other built elements transformed the Shed hall into a “covered open space”, an axial distributor and at the same time a social and cultural encounter point. Three engaging spaces are formed around it, which positively interact with the adjacent new development."

The “Habitat Nord” offers a high degree of identity, space for working, living and creative entrepreneurs and is, therefore, a positive contribution to the vision of a “polycentric” Munich.

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