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University of Bath

RIBA Part II, Studio 5 (Erasmus+)

Teacher: T.Lewis

Individual Work

"Bristol's Cumberland Basin requires a new community attached next to one of Bristol's three most significant former industrial warehouses. The new community can be freely designed but should make its priority the regeneration and restoration of the muddy and deserted Avon riverbank landscape. The scheme reads the mechanical flow of the city through a psychogeographical frame of reference. The lost link between the urban and industrial fabric is interpreted as a conglomerate-mass overflow towards the site. Parts are contained by the three warehouses, which topographically act like "key-stones". The design proposal uses the grammar of curvature geometry to either contain or release active architecture. Flow is achieved through the dynamism of the surrounding members. The different elements of the scheme act and react together following the same choreography."

"The product is an effortless dance expressed through incompleteness and strength."

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