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Archives of Nuclear Memory & Place


The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

MLA Studio 6

Tutors: Matthew Butcher & Tiffany Dang

Individual Work

"Following the gradual extinction of nuclear power, this project aims to build an archive demarcating the memories of past ecologies under the lens of climate change. Human presence and the decommissioning processes of the power stations are woven with cycles of growth and decomposition in a ceremonial atmosphere which memorialises the bygone nuclear era of Suffolk. Under the impact of sea-level rise, the debris of former ecosystems emerge over time on the surface in enclosed time-capsules, bearing memory of soil particulars, seedlings, and geological deposits. The gradual flooding of the set from seawater is used as an instigator for the landscape’s growth and decay, transforming the existing habitat into a salt-tolerant ecosystem."

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